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European Business Email Marketing: 3 Techniques to Raise the Response Rate

Direct mail marketing is a great technique to bring in new customers. Marketing is all about information dissemination. You have to make people aware of your existence in the market and give them a reason to do business with you. Whether you cater to B2C or B2B customers, email marketing can increase your customer base significantly if done properly. It is easy to buy email lists these days as there are several reliable European Business Email Mailing Lists sellers in the market. The difficult thing is to boost the response rate.

People get dozens of promotional mail everyday and let’s be honest, they hardly read them. You can’t blame the customers though! Since most of the email marketers are only busy to say “buy from us” and “we are the best”, people think it is safe to overlook all the promotional mails. Besides, if you own a start-up company then there is a possibility that people may have never heard about you and thus, there is absolutely no trust for your brand. So, how can you increase response rate? How can you make sure that not only people will open the email and read it, but also visit your website to know more? Here are some helpful tips to boost email marketing response rate.

Sell what people want: Email marketing is not about creating markets, but locating those that want your product or service. For example, if you offer website design services, you can contact new companies as they may not have a website yet and looking for a service provider who can develop a website at low cost. As the owner of web design company, you may offer logo design and SEO services as well, but since you are targeting the businesses without a website, it is crucial that your sales pitch focuses on website design service only.

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Sell solutions: Acquiring European Business Email Mailing Lists is easy, but encouraging people to click on the “buy” button is tough. It is not just what you are selling, but how you are selling that makes all the difference. For instance, a fashion brand may want to sell dresses for women, but you can’t just say “buy dresses from us” because the girl reading your mail would like to buy a dress that will make her look beautiful. Therefore, a call-to-action like “Prom date is coming! Want to look pretty? Check our extensive range of prom queen dress.” can increase the conversion rate beyond your imagination.

Emotion first and logic second: Buyers have become smarter now, but emotion still wins over logic. Therefore, your content must touch readers emotionally and once they are touched, you can give them the logic to deal with you. For instance, “Are you staying abroad? Want to tell your kid on his birthday that you love him?” The answer is “yes” and the buyer gets sentimental. Now, your next lines can be like this- “we offer customized gifts and cakes for birthday. Home delivery is free. Price starts at $20.” He gets the facts and clicks on the link as it is a good offer.

Whether you are sharing your sales pitch online or offline, you have to connect with customers emotionally. With the help of European Business Email Mailing Lists, you can stay in touch with potential customers constantly and establish a bond with them. Convince them that while there are other companies out there, you understand them the most and will do anything to make them happy. A concerned and customer oriented seller always generates leads.

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